Dear Friends and Patients of Baildon Dental Centre, 

After ten weeks of lockdown, and dealing with emergency triage mainly with antibiotics and pain killers, we now have a light at the end of a very dark tunnel and we are now in a position to announce that we can finally start to see our patients again from Monday 22nd June.

Can we say a huge 'Thank you' to all our patients who have, without fail, been so understanding when we have been forced to cancel your appointments or had to tell you your fractured tooth couldn't be repaired immediately due to the lockdown.

As you can imagine, after this length of time, we have a considerable amount of fractured teeth, lost fillings, lost crowns, broken bridges and dentures to deal with as a matter of urgency so we ask that you are patient with us a little longer for routine care to slowly start up again. 

Things at first will seem quite different as social distancing is still in effect and the need for thorough screening of patients will be of paramount importance in keeping all concerned safe. Patients need to be aware that the supply of PPE to dentists has been limited considering the huge amount needed to operate practices safely, and this will be an ongoing concern irrespective of the huge increase in costs involved. 

Rules regarding equipment that generates an aerosol are very strict due to the Covid19 crisis and therefore have to be kept to a minimum with special PPE used (which we have).  Surgeries have to be left empty after an aerosol to allow the air to settle before it can be thoroughly cleaned, so the number of people that we can see each day will be limited during this time. We are in the process of purchasing a ‘fogging’ machine from the USA that will spray antimicrobial solution into the surgeries which will improve and speed up sterilisation and hopefully help us to see more patients. 

So again, please bear with us and we will get up to speed as soon as we safely can. 

As time passes, PPE will become more available and rules may change to allow a return to a more "normal" way of working.



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